Law firm as religion: ascent to partnership

Reading New Scientist magazine (17 March 2012) I was reminded that religious groups – or any gang or fraternity, for that matter – often have strong initiation rites. The harder to achieve, the more tightly bonded the group.

There’s no strong bond as adversity.

There’s nothing so strong as a bond formed during a shared survival of adversity. Shall we see the survival of law firms that have the toughest admission criteria?

Might those firms who survive be not only be those with good management and strategy, but with the toughest route to partnership?

I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would admit me.

Groucho Marx

This suggests we should look for firms that have the toughest promotion standards to also still be standing at the end of this decade. Those partners who have sacrificed the most will find it hardest to leave or give up. The saints among them, perhaps?

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