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Legal Business Analysis is a blog covering management, technology and the business of law – how to run a law firm.


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  1. Hey Andrew! Gday! My name is Yamo, I host a BA blog and podcast over at TheBACoach.com. Stumbled upon this when you retweeted me today.

    Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I like this interesting mix of management, technology and the business of law. It would be nice to have an RSS feed of this blog so I could subscribe.

    You are welcome to checkout my blog / podcast and provide any feedback or suggestions you may have.


    • Yamo – great that you’re interested. Apologies for the tumbleweed on the blog at the moment but more will come soon. I`m aware of your work on TheBaCoach.com and very happy for RSS links – will do the same here. @legalBA

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